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Women in Focus

My Life Mission of « Inspiring Others to find their Internal Light » has led me to leave a successful Corporate career, to start a Consultancy & Coaching practice, focused on Women Empowerment & Gender Diversity. The question I often get is: Why restrict yourself at all? And why Women specifically?

While I have strong passion to help any human being, no matter the gender, ethnicity, or age, and my Coaching practice has a number on Male clients, whom I am delighted and proud to work with, there is a variety of reasons why I am focusing the Consultancy and Training part of my practice on Women.

My Story:

As a little girl, I had felt less considered, simply because of my gender. I have spent part of my life to dissipate this perception for myself, and chose academic and work performance to achieve this.

I would now like to focus the second part of my career on ensuring that no Woman is made to feel this way because of her gender, and that they are empowered instead to purposefully choose and pursue the lives they want.

There is simply a huge need:

It is an amazing period to be a woman in many places in the world (and sadly, less so in some others). The advances in women’s rights have made major strides over the past century, such that it becomes hard to believe that a hundred years back, women did not have the right to vote, even in such a great nation as the USA. In contrast today, some of the world’s greatest Corporations and Countries – admittedly way too few still -are run by women. I do not think that we celebrate this enough.

Now like in any revolution, great opportunities come hand-in-hand with major challenges. Many Women, as they strive to shine in their professional lives, are held back in some shape or form by things like household chores still far from being equally split, business culture being mainly male driven, absence of proven-successful organizational models to integrate motherhood and professional responsibilities, unequal pay, and absence of role-models, to name only a few. This leaves many women feeling dissatisfied, unrecognized, guilty, and/or utterly drained of energy. Truly efficacious support and breakthrough solutions are critical to help women navigate through this period of change, and come out the other side of the tunnel, empowered to release their full power for themselves, their families, their businesses, and society at large.

Acting as an Inspirational Role Model:

I want to act as Role Model to help women believe in their ability to live the life of their choice, succeed, be fulfilled, and maximize their impact. I say this in all humility, but also with the realization that women suffer from the scarcity of same gender role models. I believe it is the duty of every successful and fulfilled woman to purposefully inspire other women. What I personally want to bring to the party is my ability to climb the Corporate ladder, up to Vice-President level, in male-dominated environments, while retaining my female leadership style – yes it is possible; in choosing the country where I want to live (beautiful Switzerland is now my home); in more recently giving a new direction to my professional life, to better honor my purpose ; and lastly in adapting across different cultures, as a Middle-Eastern woman who has worked in leadership roles in North Africa, multiple countries in Europe, and on Global businesses. All of this, while enjoying a loving and supportive relationship with the man of my life.

How will this come to life:

My endeavor to inspire and serve Women Empowerment, will play at different levels:

I want to leverage my Leadership, Research, & Executive Coaching expertise to partner with Organizations that are looking to identify discontinuous solutions to drive the Gender Diversity agenda, and help them define and implement game-changing programs.

And I want to work directly with Women to help them design the lives they want, and build the mindset, skills, and connections required to help them get there, while utterly enjoying the journey. I will aim to do that via on-going publications, large scale on-line training, Live Retreats, as well as tailored Individual Coaching programs.


Are you a Professional Woman who is juggling with her many roles in life? Are you feeling dissatisfied, unrecognized, or guilty? Are you just drained of energy? Or do you feel that you are navigating in a work culture that is foreign to you? These are unfortunately common themes among Women today. Rather than settling for this, you can seek support to address these concerns and help you flourish, so that you bring the best version of yourself to work, your family & friends, and society at large.

Ellumine is here to contribute its passion and expertise, to inspire you to lead a more fulfilled life and release your full power, while partnering with Organisations to get to the next level of Gender Diversity, and create a world that combines the best of what each gender has to offer.

“There is no tool for Development more effective than the Empowerment of Women”

– Kofi Annan

Please share your comments. And if you would like support to get to the next level of fulfillment and empowerment, please contact Roula on

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