Imagine a world, where Women shine with the light of their fulfilment, where they feel at home in their work culture, and supported to grow and achieve all they want, and where boundaries are turned into opportunities to develop & shine. Welcome to the world that Ellumine wants to contribute to creating!

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Women Empowerment & Gender Diversity
Women Empowerment & Gender Diversité

Founder of Ellumine, Roula Clerc-Nassar is a former Senior Executive, who has succeeded in climbing Corporate hierarchy in leading multinationals, up to highest levels. A seasoned Leader, Human Understanding expert, and an Insightful Researcher, Roula has consistently excelled in Growing Talent and Developing People, and has furthered her capabilities in this area through multiple Coaching accreditations. A truly multi-cultural individual, Roula has lived and adapted in numerous countries across 3 continents, and managed businesses and teams across the globe.

Two Women Dancing

In addition to tailored Empowerment Coaching programs, Ellumine bases its Women Empowerment offer in a Shine with Purpose program that allows you to live the life you want, and realize your unique potential.

From Setting the Direction you chose for your life, to Building the Mindset and Skills for success & Nurturing supportive Relationships, to Pursuing Joyfully, this journey is designed to maximize Women's sense of Purpose and Fulfillment, so that you release your full power for yourself, your family, your work, and society at large. This program is brought to Women, in different formats to satisfy different types of preferences .


Ellumine  proposes to Organizations and Businesses, who are aiming to improve Women's stance and drive the gender diversity agenda, holistic solutions to address these needs, and propel Women development forward.

Entrenched in deep Research and Human Understanding expertise, these solutions start with a Gender Diversity Assessment, supplemented by other forms of research as needed, to form a profound understanding of Professional Women’s drivers and barriers, and are then used as base to identify and implement Tailored Solutions, that are subsequently tracked to keep the pulse on progress and make necessary adjustments.