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About Roula

Consultant, Researcher, Speaker, Coach

Founder of Ellumine, Roula Clerc-Nassar is a former Senior Executive, who has succeeded in climbing Corporate hierarchy in leading multinationals, up to highest levels. A seasoned Leader, Human Understanding expert, and an Insightful Researcher, Roula has consistently excelled in Growing Talent and Developing People, and has furthered her capabilities in this area through multiple Coaching accreditations. A truly multi-cultural individual, Roula has lived and adapted in numerous countries across 3 continents, and managed businesses and teams across the globe.

Founding Ellumine:

In 2016, Roula left the Corporate world after 24 years of service, to focus on her passion of growing people.

As a young girl, she had felt less considered, simply because of her gender, a feeling she has worked to dissipate. She has now decided to leverage her experience and skills, to ensure that no Woman is made to feel this way, and has founded Ellumine, a Consultancy and Coaching practice, that is dedicated to building and promoting Women Empowerment and Gender Diversity.

Roula believes it is the duty of every successful and fulfilled woman to act as a role-model and purposefully inspire other women, something which Women are in dire need of. What she personally wants to bring to the party is her ability to climb the Corporate ladder, while retaining her female leadership style;  in choosing the country where she wants to live; in more recently giving a new direction to her professional life, to better honor her purpose ; and lastly in adapting and bringing the best of the many cultures that she has been fortunate to work and live in.

Women Empowerment & Gender Diversity

Prior Work Experience:

Prior to founding Ellumine, Roula served as Vice-President Insights - Europe Sector at PepsiCo for 4 years.

Ahead of joining PepsiCo, she worked for 20 years in the Consumer & Market Knowledge (CMK) Function in P&G up to Director level, in an assortment of Local, Regional, and Global leadership roles, in Developing and Developed Markets, and on integration of new acquisitions.

Throughout her Corporate career, Roula has leveraged her leadership skills to step-change business growth via Consumer-Centricity, developed Corporate Capability particularly on driving leading edge Innovation, and built high performing Insights teams. She was also consistently recognized as one of the best at inspiring and developing people.



Roula grew up in Lebanon where she obtained degrees in Masters of Business Administration, and Bachelor of Science in Economics. She started her professional life in Morocco, before being tansferred to the UK, and then Switzerland, the country that is now her chosen home. Through her transfers, she has learned to adapt and thrive in new environments, bringing the best of her Middle-Eastern roots together with her Western culture of adoption. She is fluent in Arabic, French, and English.



Roula’s long experience in leading and developing people, together with her passion for Coaching, have also translated in her obtaining multiple accreditations, as ICF PCC Coach, Certified Executive PepsiCo Coach, as well as Certified Hogan Coach. Her Coaching passion is fueled by her ability to synthesize, simplify, & reframe, understand people and their emotional motivators, and help them see what they might not be seeing, while challenging and propelling them forward, in order to help them achieve inspirational goals.




In her Free Time:

Roula loves to read, bike, play tennis, and spend quality time with her beloved husband, family, and friends.




"Roula has always been an inspirational leader in the corporate world and now she is inspiring people through her exceptional coaching skills. I had the opportunity to work with Roula over many years in P&G and more recently in her new, independent capacity as a coach to professionals.I strongly recommend Roula as a coach should you or anyone in your organization wish to become more effective and successful in the corporate environment. Based on her experience, Roula has excellent recognition of the challenges we all face in our work places. She listens first, then works to help you focus on key issues that matter the most to what you wish to achieve. She is full of great guidance and solutions yet she works closely with you to ensure that you define the best solutions for yourself under her direction. After a coaching experience with her, you will find that you have developed yourself and adopted many great tools to deal confidently with any challenge you may face. " - Meltem Karahan - Vice President Consumer Insights at Carlsbeg Group

"I have known Roula for many years as a talented and inspirational Consumer and Market insights leader in P&G and more recently in her new career as a independent coach. I have benefitted from her extraordinary coaching during a period of drastic change, ambiguity and uncertainty. Her deep understanding of the Corporate world and challenges at multiple levels; her ability to listen deeply and harness intuition, helped me see how I could use this period not as a threat but a source of growth. Her unique ability to simplify complexity and to bring clarity and focus helped me understand more about myself and see how I could thrive in this new situation by reconnecting with my values and unique talents. I would recommend Roula to anyone wishing to take on coaching to grow as a leader in an organization or as for their own self in everyday life. " - Katja Maggio - Vice President CMI at Coty

 "I had a great opportunity to both work with Roula as an HR business partner and to experience her talent as a Coach. During our Coaching engagement, she has helped me focus on what was most critical to me at that point. She also helped me see things I was not seeing, and supported and challenged me to define the path forward, which included making some daring and tough decisions. I am now very grateful for these decisions, as they have led to much higher job satisfaction and a life fully aligned with my Values. I have enjoyed this experience and highly recommend Roula as a Coach" - Bogdan Radakovic - Vice President Human Resources at Essity 

"I have been working with Roula for the past 6 months and have hugely benefited from her coaching. In particular, I have found that she has an intimate understanding of the Corporate world and its leadership challenges at multiple levels. Her strengths include: ability to simplify to drive better focus on what matters most; and support to define the best path forward, yet with challenge and accountability to ensure real progress" - Maheen Ansari - P&G UK Shopper Insights Team Leader

"Roula was my personal coach at PepsiCo last year. She listen deeply, tested for understanding and helped me pulled together a challenging development plan based on her intimate knowledge of the Corporate environment and its leadership challenges. Key to the success of the relationship was the support and coaching Roula provided to deliver the development plan and adapt as necessary to the feedback. I strongly recommend Roula if you want to have a rewarding and progressive development conversation grounded in the reality of corporate life" - Avtar Singh - Senior Director Strategy, Transformation, & Productivity at PepsiCo.

"Roula delivered a superb "Life Leadership" workshop, which I had the pleasure to attend.
It was great to see how she cultivated a person style, that drives trust & inspiration quickly, and how she managed to combine years of experience in the corporate world with very visible personal values in a mix that has both drive & purpose!"
- Soufiane Erraji - Senior IT Leader IMEA at P&G.

"I ve had the pleasure to invite Roula for an event at P&G's Women's Hour and it was exceptional. The session was very fruitful and interactive through out. Roula was able to provide the audience with insights and concrete tips and techniques to help them develop their own personal plans to become masters of self leadership. 

It s been a pleasure collaborating with Roula. I m sure we will have more opportunities to work together on this journey towards Gender Equality. #WeSeeEqual. 

Thanks Roula! You re great!" - Gemma Andreu - Global Communication Associate Director at P&G 



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