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Would you like to get to the next level of fulfilment or achievement? Are you passionate about an objective, but uncertain about whether or how to get there?

Or are you dissatisfied with one or many aspects of your life? Or simply uncertain about whether and how to give yourself an inspirational new Direction to pursue?

At the base of Ellumine’s Women Empowerment  offer is the Shine with Purpose program, that addresses these questions, and allows Women to fulfill their unique potential, and maximize their impact. This is because empowerment starts with purposefully taking the leadership to live the life you chose.

This model is accompanied by an assessment, to help you define where you stand, and measure your progress as you go through the program, and is brought to Women, in different formats to satisfy different types of preferences.


This self-administered assessment helps you assess where you stand on your self-leadership, and define key areas and a plan to improve, where you chose. It is offered to you gracefully, and you can chose to supplement it with a goal-setting coaching session, if you would like support in turning your results into an actionable improvement plan.

Live Retreats

Join me and a wonderful group of like-minded inspirational Women on a 2-day retreat, in a stunning location, to support each other, as you engage on your Shine with Purpose journey. 

The retreats are hands-on and inter-active, and designed to bring in real change into your life. They will help you come to enlightening realizations that will motivate you to embrace new behaviors, practice them together, and commit to sustain so that you realize your unique potential and amplify your impact. And build your network and sense of community in the process.

Contact us to learn more and join the next retreat.


For maximum depth, accountability, and impact on your life, join me on an individualized Coaching journey.

My brand of Coaching offers Simplification and Insight, to bring you clarity and focus, and help you see what you may not be seeing; support and empowerment to help you define the right solutions for yourself; and challenge and accountability, to ensure optimal progress.

Contact us now to schedule a free consultation session

"Roula has always been an inspirational leader in the corporate world and now she is inspiring people through her exceptional coaching skills. I had the opportunity to work with Roula over many years in P&G and more recently in her new, independent capacity as a coach to professionals.I strongly recommend Roula as a coach should you or anyone in your organization wish to become more effective and successful in the corporate environment. Based on her experience, Roula has excellent recognition of the challenges we all face in our work places. She listens first, then works to help you focus on key issues that matter the most to what you wish to achieve. She is full of great guidance and solutions yet she works closely with you to ensure that you define the best solutions for yourself under her direction. After a coaching experience with her, you will find that you have developed yourself and adopted many great tools to deal confidently with any challenge you may face. " - Meltem Karahan - Vice President Consumer Insights at Carlsbeg Group

"I have known Roula for many years as a talented and inspirational Consumer and Market insights leader in P&G and more recently in her new career as a independent coach. I have benefitted from her extraordinary coaching during a period of drastic change, ambiguity and uncertainty. Her deep understanding of the Corporate world and challenges at multiple levels; her ability to listen deeply and harness intuition, helped me see how I could use this period not as a threat but a source of growth. Her unique ability to simplify complexity and to bring clarity and focus helped me understand more about myself and see how I could thrive in this new situation by reconnecting with my values and unique talents. I would recommend Roula to anyone wishing to take on coaching to grow as a leader in an organization or as for their own self in everyday life. " - Katja Maggio - Vice President CMI at Coty

"I have been working with Roula for the past 6 months and have hugely benefited from her coaching. In particular, I have found that she has an intimate understanding of the Corporate world and its leadership challenges at multiple levels. Her strengths include: ability to simplify to drive better focus on what matters most; and support to define the best path forward, yet with challenge and accountability to ensure real progress" - Maheen Ansari - P&G UK Shopper Insights Team Leader

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