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Ellumine is passionately focused on maximizing Women’s Empowerment and Leadership, to inspire them to live the lives they chose, and release their full power for themselves, their family, their work, and society at large.


Women’s rights have witnessed major strides over the past century in many parts of the world. Many of the things that are possible for women to entertain today, were unthinkable even 50 years back. Yet great opportunities come hand-in-hand with major challenges. Many Women, as they strive to lead fulfilled lives, and make their mark in the professional world, are held back by many hurdles both at work and at home. This leaves  them feeling dissatisfied, unrecognized, guilty, and/or utterly drained of energy. Truly efficacious support, and breakthrough solutions, are critical to help women navigate through this period of change, and come out the other side of the tunnel, empowered and fulfilled. 


Ellumine believes that there are 2 key enablers for Women to release their full power: that they get  effective support in the multiple challenges they face, while learning critical new skills and adapting to their new reality; and that the work and overall culture adapt to the advent and enhanced role of Women at work and in society, to gradually form a new Culture, that is the best of what the 2 genders bring to the party.

To that end, Ellumine works at 2 levels:

  - With Organizations or Businesses striving to drive gender diversity or to improve women’s stance in society and business

  - Directly with Women professionals seeking to step-up their fulfilment and growth


 - Women are the foundation of society

 - Women are key and under-utilized drivers of Economic & Social development & growth

 - In work-life, Women are not playing on level playing fields

 - Gender diversity is key for businesses to maximize growth

 - Profound understanding of Women challenges, and sincere efforts to address, is the key to social and economic success

 - Women can learn and acquire any untapped skill that is required, for growth and success

 - Cultural adaptation, at all levels, are key to maximize the impact of women and enable true transformation

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